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Message from Hon D.E.W.Gunasekera , Minister (Senior) for Human Resources

We have to provide employment to the persons entering into the labour market. Annually around 500,000 youths pass the GC.E.(OL) , nearly 300,000 pass the GCE (AL) , but the number of persons who get the opportunity to enter the university is around  22,000. We also have to find productive employment to the large number of drop outs from schools annually. The productive use of these human resources would be determined by the demand for labour.

In the globalized world , Sri Lanka needs to  find out the areas where it would be competitive, and  Human Resources Development should be a part and parcel of the national development plan. Sri Lanka has the “Mahinda Chinthana” Development Framework, and the NHREP  should  be aligned with this development framework. The Government has geared its programmes to make Sri Lanka a dynamic global hub. “Mahinda Chinthana” ,the vision for the future” has emphasized that the country would be developed as a naval, aviation, commercial, energy and knowledge hub, and has recognized the significance of organizing the human resources  effectively and efficiently.

In order to realize such development initiatives, the workforce must have the skills that meets the changing needs of the industry, thus should be nurtured with right skills, quality, and mind set. Hence Sri Lanka would require a new configuration of skills, abilities and competencies to transform the country’s  skills to support the development aspirations.In this context, formulation of a National Human Resources  and Employment Policy, and a strategy and action plan to implement the policy was considered imperative. The relevant Ministries would have their respective roles in   the work plan.

The valuable contribution of the private sector is very important to the country’s Human Resources Development, hence the private sector too would be encouraged to be aligned with the country’s development plans.

Various changes are presently taking place in the Ministries of Education, Higher Education, Foreign Employment Promotion, Labour etc. Thus, the proposed NHREP would ensure coherence among the concerned Ministries and provide an umbrella framework policy.

The message I wish  to give to the public is  that a  comprehensive and , coherent NHREP would be developed as part of the national development plan, and I solicit the  support and assistance of all the Ministries and all other stakeholders and the general public in this exercise.

The success story of the Chinese development efforts, was primarily due to the education reforms undertaken by them. Sri Lanka too need to make necessary changes in the spheres of education, higher education, and in vocational training. The education system should be geared to meet the human resources demand in the county.

As the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping said let us be “pragmatic and not dogmatic and proceed with realities” that exists is this exercise.

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Senior Minister’s Message

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